Snowrunner. Introduction. GMC MH9500, Chevrolet CK1500, Fleetstar F2070A

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Snowrunner is a successor of the widely known Mudrunner game. Although the idea of driving trucks here is the same, Snowrunner is a much-improved game and has a greater variety of tasks.

Snowrunner is a more complicated game that has tasks that are not that easy to complete.

Mods are available on consoles and can be accessed through the main menu.

The controls on X Box One are the same as in Mudrunner if you select the scheme B. Select Steering mode to Steering Wheel even if you use a controller as it is more similar to steering with an actual wheel. Go to Settings, Controller Layout and select Control Scheme. You can go here just to remember which button does what.

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In the beginning you get a pickup truck Chevrolet CK1500. It has AWD from the beginning.

The first task is to go to the Watchtower and find a truck. The truck to be found is GMC MH9500.

The first task with the truck is to deliver metal beams to the bridge. The bridge will be used very often.

To be honest, the GMC MH9500 is not the best truck without upgrades. It is classified as a highway truck. With highway tires, it’s a struggle to get past any mud so winch will be used often.

If you have difficulties with the truck going through a mud pick up consumables from the Farm then go to your destination, remove the consumables just before you pick up the cargo. It’s a bit of cheating but I had hard times going with this truck through a mud which is next to the garage. Without upgrades this truck does not have AWD or Differential Lock.

I have tried GMC MH9500 in Alaska and had to abandon my cargo.

Cargo can be transported not only with trucks but also with a pickup truck. Take your Chevrolet and go to the Trailer Store. There will be smaller trailers for this pickup truck that carries two cargo units.

I have struggled for so long with highway tires that I decided to buy Western Star 49X. This turned out to be a bad idea as it struggles on mud with highway tires also.

Then I decided to try the Fleetstar F2070A and towed the GMC MH9500 truck with an attached semi-trailer to the destination. What a surprise.

If you do not have a tire upgrade the Fleetstar F2070A is a better truck compared to GMC MH9500. If you are at below level 8 most of the truck tire upgrades are locked. Even the All-Terrain tires are locked so you need to find a truck which has All-Terrain tires as standard or need to find a truck that belongs to off road class or heavy duty class. The Fleetstar F2070A belongs to the heavy-duty class.

Roads in Snowrunner are just terrible. I think that Mudrunner had better roads, although the game took place on a village road.

Snowrunner looks like a more industrial town with no road maintenance at all. I have never seen a muddy road fixed. There are bridges that got built and some power line towers that blocked the road removed.

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