Zorro Drive Wiper. Fast, Automatic Computer Wiping Solution

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Why Would You Wipe a Hard Disk Drive?

There are a few reasons to wipe data from our hard disk drive, SSD or USB flash drive.

The data that we have on our hard disk do not get deleted completely if we delete it with our computer. Usually, the computer marks the disk surface as free space but leaves the actual data untouched. This method saves time and prolongs disk life as the data gets deleted only when new data is written on the top.

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So, if we have a movie and delete it the computer will mark that area as a free space and this action will take one blink of an eye.
But we now remember that we have deleted the wrong movie. And it is gone. Well, it is not completely gone. There is software that will recover our movie. And if we did not use our computer and data was not written over then the movie will be recovered completely.

There are also companies that upgrade their computer tech and old tech gets decommissioned and transferred for recycling. Business data is usually important and the best way to secure it is to use a data wiper to destroy it.

When we sell our used computer, we do not want anyone messing with our private data. Passwords could be stolen or something worse could happen.

It is lightweight—takes only 283 MB and can fit into older USB flash drives.

What is Zorro Drive Wiper?

Now this drive wiper will do just that. It will completely erase all the data. There are many data wipers out there but this one is a bit different. It is completely automatic and can boot from an USB flash drive. If it does not encounter any problems when starting it will show what drives it will erase and will wait for your input.

Please be aware that it will wipe all the connected to the computer drives; i.e., external USB drives, USB flash drives, internal drives and any other drives that it may find. You need to disconnect the drives that you do not want to be wiped.

When wiping data with other available software you need to go to a menu, choose the right drive and just then start the wiping. It is complicated and you risk choosing not the right drive.

With Zorro Drive Wiper you can start wiping immediately and it will wipe everything. You just need to press enter when it starts.

If You Want just to Download it, Here is a Guide on how to Make it Work.

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Balena Etcher will be used to put Drive Wiper into your USB flash drive.

Install Balena Etcher. Plug your USB flash drive into the computer.
Select the Zorro Drive Wiper iso image by navigating to your download folder.

Select the USB flash drive if it is different than chosen by default.

Press Flash.

Restart your computer and make it boot from the USB flash drive. You may need to press F9, F10, F11 or F12 to select the flash drive to boot from.
Please look on the internet what key combination is needed to select a bootable drive on your computer.

If the computer does not boot from the flash drive restart the computer and just after it restarts go to BIOS (UEFI) by pressing F1, F2, F3 or F4.
Please look on the internet what key combination is needed to go to the BIOS setup on your computer.
Disable Secure Boot, save settings and reboot. You may need to browse a bit there to find a secure boot option.
When Zorro Drive Wiper starts you will see a dialog screen with connected drives.

Please be aware that it will automatically wipe all drives connected to the computer including USB flash drives. You need to disconnect all the drives that you do not need to be wiped.

Confirm that those drives can be wiped, and press Enter. It will wipe drives one by one and will record a confirmation file to the drive that the data has been wiped.

Please be aware that it will automatically wipe all the drives connected to the computer. Please disconnect all the drives that do not need to be wiped.

Is this Drive Wiper Reliable?

Yes. It is. After finishing wiping it will write a confirmation file in the wiped disk that the data has been wiped.

If there is no such file written, something happened and the wiping did not finish.

Is it Still Possible to Recover Data when the Wiping Process is Finished?

No, the data is gone. No software will be able to recover anything.

How Much does it Cost?

The download version is free. If you want to buy it on a flash drive, it will cost about a tenner or a bit more depending on which version of the flash drive you buy.

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